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A Pregnant woman needs to have a healthy, flexible, balanced, and strong body in order to handle the full term of the pregnancy and the extra weight that she has to carry for almost nine months as the fetus gradually grows into a healthy baby.

Studies have shown that almost 70% of pregnant women suffer from back pain due to the extra weight. This causes stress to the spine and changes the spinal curvature.  Also, the hormonal change during pregnancy causes ligament laxity and postural stress in the pelvis and hips, which is another reason for low back pain. Both structural, emotional, and hormonal changes affect the spine and body function during this sensitive period in a woman's life.

If the structural change of the spine results in nerve irritation, this could cause sciatica. Because expecting mothers should avoid all drugs, chiropractic care provides an optimal solution to relieving pain.


Pregnant Women Need Chiropractic Care During and After Pregnancy:

Unique spinal adjustment, soft tissue therapy, and other natural care can be very helpful and a great way to maximize the body's function, minimize or diminish the muscle tension, and reduce both mental and physical stress off the pregnant woman.  Chiropractic care can help maintain a healthy pregnancy, control the balanced exercise-diet, and avoid premature contractions, fatigue, back pain, and sciatica problems all in order to deliver a full-term infant with an easy labor.


After delivery you should continue your Chiropractic care to restore the full mobility and function, alleviate postpartum depression, correct your spinal misalignment, and boost your energy and immune system.  

You also should know that newborns have been given chiropractic checkups and gentle care as well (if needed).