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Children & Teenagers

From birth, a newborn’s spine can be at risk. The most traumatic result may occur during the natural birthing process, or forceps can cause damage to the infant’s spine.

We know little about our spine, therefore we don’t realize the importance of our back. 


At Birththe C-curve spine doesn’t allow the newborn to hold the head or back straight due to the spine's lack of strength and balance. At six months old, the baby starts to crawl and tries to use its head, neck, and back, which allows for the development of strong neck muscles that can support holding the head. At about nine to twelve months your baby starts to stand up and walk—this movement develops the back curve and stronger muscles. However, babies are prone to more neck and back injuries due to falling down constantly as they learn to walk. As they grow up to become toddlers, they engage in more activities that continue to put significant pressure on their spine.


Since babies cannot communicate their pains or discomforts, many of these symptoms go unnoticed. If your baby is crying constantly, it might be time to consult with a chiropractor and continue a periodic checkup. Chiropractic care is a better alternative for your child as opposed to exposing them to over-the counter drugs and other medications that may not target the root of the problem.

For teenagers involved in sports or even engaged in day to day activities while lugging heavy backpacks around school, chiropractic care is an efficient way to prevent conditions such as chronic back pain and scoliosis.

What Chiropractic Care Can do for my Child?

Your doctor will perform an initial examination which includes observing your child’s posture and motions, checking the range of proper movements in the joints and reflexes, and monitoring the curvature of the spine for signs Scoliosis. Early detection is the key for proper and quality care, and the treatments will be unique depending on the child’s weight and age.

 Your child's body is able to heal itself faster and safer with natural spinal adjustment and muscle work, which will increase the mobility, correct the problem, boost up the immune system and make their body stronger and healthier.  

  Children Can Enjoy the Natural Benefits of Chiropractic Care.