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Sciatica is the longest, largest, and thickest nerve in our body, which extends from your buttocks all the way down to your leg and toes. When a nerve is inflamed or pinched, you may or may not feel the back pain, but you definitely experience the referring pain to the other areas. Most of the time patients have a history of low back pain as a result.


 When you start to experience a heavy feeling in your leg and intermittent shooting pains going through your leg and foot, which worsens with bending, long sitting, coughing, and other movements, these are the MOST common symptoms of Sciatica.


Early signs of sciatica are minimal. Often patients think that they’ve recovered since the pain is gone; but, sciatica is a tricky condition. By the time you feel numbness and referring pain, some permanent damage to your nerve, muscle, and disc may have already occurred.


What Chiropractic care can do?

After the initial examination, your doctor chooses a treatment plan that includes chiropractic spinal adjustment, modalities, proper biomechanics and exercises, and advises you to change the bad habits that have exacerbated your condition. ReliefCorrection, and Rehabilitation are the protocol that we offer and provide to our patients.