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Disc Syndrome



There are twenty-three discs in your spine, which all function to support and protect your spine, and serve as shock absorbers during your movements. The disc has two sections: the center (nucleus) and outer ring (annulus). All the motions of the spine (back and forth and side to side) rock on the disc.
There are two main causes that can damage the disc such as: a sudden forceful movement which produces the acute pain (as a result of something like a car accident) and repeated motions and positions over time, like lifting, sitting for long periods of time, and  poor posture, which cause chronic pain.
BULGING DISC: When the disc wears down due to repeated stress and the center of the disc starts to bulge into the outer margins and cause pressure on the nerve (referred to as a nerve pinch).
HERNIATED DISC: When part of the disc is ruptured as a result of sudden trauma like the lifting of heavy objects, a car accident, sport injuries, and etc.


 What we can do for you:

Injured discs do not heal overnight! Our goal is to treat the damaged disc and stop the progression before it progresses into a more serious problem. Spinal Adjustments will alleviate the misalignment and restricted joint motions. Therapies such as spinal traction will increase the space between vertebra to take the pressure off of the disc and reduce the nerve irritation. Proper exercises, position, posture, and bio-mechanics are the other natural procedures of care that your doctor should do and prescribe.