Most people suffer from different types of headaches, with the most common ones being migraines and tension headaches, and often resort to the use of medications that simply suppress the symptoms as opposed to effectively treating them. These medications have a multitude of harmful effects including abdominal pain, fatigue, dizziness, itching, liver and kidney damage, dry mouth and irritation, and etc.


Although there is no cure for the headache, overwhelming research has shown that chiropractic treatments helps relieve symptoms in a natural, non-intrusive way.  Chiropractic care targets the nervous system, and thus provides many procedures that can do more than simply mask the pain. Necks adjustments are one of the most effective ways to reduce the muscle tensions, maintain vascular circulation, and release the nerve pinch that triggers headaches. Other modalities including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular re- education, and muscle stimulation are available as well.


 Come in today to learn more about your condition and natural treatments.



Neck pain is one of the most common sources of pain people suffer from. Neck pain, stiffness, achy muscle, limited motion, and other restrictions can happen gradually or suddenly. Micro trauma results from improper posture, bad sleeping habits, and repetitive motions or positions on a daily basis. Macro trauma occurs from sudden movements like car accidents (whiplash), slips and falls, sports injuries and more. Repetitive injuries are caused by the muscles and ligaments being over-used. Sudden movements of the joints and ligaments due to sudden impact are the most damaging to the surrounding and underlying structures of the neck.  Other chronic diseases including degenerative joint, disc, and arthritis cause pain and stiffness. 


One of the most effective ways to treat neck pain is neck adjustments in order to avoid nerve irritation and allow smooth nerve flow from your brain to the rest of your bodyOther therapies combine soft tissue treatments such as trigger point therapymuscle stimulationtraction, and much more depending on the patient’s condition.



The most common conditions of shoulder pain are:


Rotator Cuff Injury: This is the partial or complete tear of the tendons which are primarily responsible for shoulder joint motion.

Degenerative Arthritis: Over a period of time, wear and tear can play a major role in damaging the joints, bones, tendons, and the cartilage of your shoulder, which will produce chronic pain.

Sprain/Strain-Referred Pain:  when trauma happens, like a strong impact due to a car accident. Sometimes pain can travel to your shoulders as a result of a nerve pinch or inflamed nerve since the shoulder joint is connected to the spinal nerve in the neck.

Impingement syndrome: This is one of the most common shoulder problems as well in which the arm is rotated past the 90 degree angle, and there is limited movement due to the two bones rubbing against each other.

Bursitis and Tendinitis: When the shoulder is being over-worked or overused due to repetitive actions like reaching above your head, lifting, carrying, pulling, and pushing, this can inflame and irritate the surrounding structures including the bursa and tendons, resulting in bursitis and tendinitis. This will localize pain and decrease the shoulder’s mobility.

Chiropractic treatments can help to speed up the healing process to the injured structures. Most of these cases depend on the patient’s conditions and whether it stems from the muscle, joint, or nerves. Chiropractic care, supplemented with proper adjustments and exercise, will strengthen your muscles and ligaments and restore the full or maximum mobility of your joints.


Most Common Symptoms Includes:



·         Numbness or tingling in hand, fingers.

·         Burning sensation in wrist or arm.

·         Weakness in the wrist and hand.

·         Shooting pain in arm or forearm.


Carpal Tunnel is one of the most common problems and is caused by repetitive shoulder, elbow, and wrist movements. The nerve irritation leads to the swelling of the soft tissue, which often occurs in the wrist and arm. Carpal tunnel affects professionals such as engineers (working with computers most of the time), hair stylists, musicians, dentists, cooks, and various others who depend on the constant use of their hands for their work purposes. 

Conservative chiropractic care is the best choice for attending to carpal tunnel. Adjusting your wrist and neck where the nerve originates along with other therapy including neuromuscular stimulation and traction will help alleviate and heal the pain and increase the motion in the joints.





A survey conducted by The American Chiropractic Association (ACA)  indicates that almost 70% of Americans are suffering from chronic back pain for five or more years. This is the most common condition among the patients who complain about minor to sever acute or chronic back pain.


Causes of back pain include:disc, arthritis, weak muscles and spine due to lack of proper exercises, poor posture, bad habits during regular activities, improper sleep positions, soft or un-supportive mattress, alcoholsmokingpregnancyobesity/excess weight, post-surgery recovery, repetitive micro injuries that result from lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying heavy objects, driving, long term sitting or standing, stress, chemical or hormonal imbalance, and side effects of most drugs and medications.


Also, sudden traumatic incidents like: Car Accidents, Sports Injuries, Slip & Fallare a few examples which cause spine misalignment and nerve interruption/irritation. 


What we can do for you:


Chiropractic care provides essential care for back problems. Three stages of care that we offer include, reliefcorrection and rehabilitation. Spinal adjustment and other therapies provided alongside chiropractic care include therapeutic hydro massage, traction, neuro-muscular stimulation and re-education, trigger point therapy, proper exercises, and ultrasound.





There are twenty-three discs in your spine, which all function to support and protect your spine, and serve as shock absorbers during your movements. The disc has two sections: the center (nucleus) and outer ring (annulus). All the motions of the spine (back and forth and side to side) rock on the disc.
There are two main causes that can damage the disc such as: a sudden forceful movement which produces the acute pain (as a result of something like a car accident) and repeated motions and positions over time, like lifting, sitting for long periods of time, and  poor posture, which cause chronic pain.
BULGING DISC: When the disc wears down due to repeated stress and the center of the disc starts to bulge into the outer margins and cause pressure on the nerve (referred to as a nerve pinch).
HERNIATED DISC: When part of the disc is ruptured as a result of sudden trauma like the lifting of heavy objects, a car accident, sport injuries, and etc.


 What we can do for you:

Injured discs do not heal overnight! Our goal is to treat the damaged disc and stop the progression before it progresses into a more serious problem. Spinal Adjustments will alleviate the misalignment and restricted joint motions. Therapies such as spinal traction will increase the space between vertebra to take the pressure off of the disc and reduce the nerve irritation. Proper exercises, position, posture, and bio-mechanics are the other natural procedures of care that your doctor should do and prescribe.



Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes muscle tension, weakness, stiffness, and tender, localized pain in different parts of the body, especially when touched. Referring pain is another common sign of this condition.

What we can do for you:

Gentle soft tissue treatments including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular stimulation and re- education, ultrasound, along with chiropractic spinal manipulations or adjustment will help you reach a speedy recovery.  Your doctor can also provide you with proper exercises, sleep habits, and good nutrition to maximize your healing process. There are so many effective therapies that can be tailored to each individual based on his/her conditions.




There are different types of knee injuries that cause pain, stiffness, locked joints, and swelling-tenderness. Twisting your knee can cause misaligned knee joints; sudden injury can lead to the overstretching of the muscle and tendon (strain) or the ligaments to tear (sprain).



Chronic Conditions: Knee structures like the muscle, tendon, or ligaments can become overused due to repetitive motions like going upstairs and downstairs, and playing your favorite sports. Running, muscle weakness, poor posture, misaligned joint in foot-ankle -knee, and arthritis in the joints are some factors that cause soft tissue to inflame and stiffen, which increases the pain with motion, and interrupts your daily routine and sleep.

Acute Condition: Sudden trauma to the knee joints, slip and fall, sport injuries and car accidents are all examples of how sudden impact can result in acute pain.


Can Chiropractic Care Help Me?

Based on an initial examination and proper diagnosis, your doctor will be able to determine the best treatment plan for you. Your doctor also will provide you with a unique set of treatments like adjustments of the knee along with other modalities to reduce pain and restore the motion to the joints and maximize the healing process. ReliefCorrection, and Rehabilitation are our goals and we follow through so our patient can reach the best result.




Although there are different types of arthritis, the most common are:



Osteoarthritis (OA): OA, also called degenerative joint disease, mostly affects the spine and other parts of the body like the shoulders, knees, ankle-foot as result of misaligned bones, and posture. Most people over the age of 45 will gradually show signs and symptoms such as stiffness, numbness, tingling sensations, and pain. Arthritis also causes nerve irritations which pinch the spine (neck & back) in later stages of the condition.


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA): Although the causes of (RA) are unknown, research shows autoimmune diseases can be a key trigger which affects both hands mostly for females compared to males.



Can Chiropractic Care Help Me?

Based on an initial examination and proper diagnosis, your doctor will be able to determine the best treatment for you. Your doctor also will provide you with a unique set of treatments including different types of modalities and gentle spinal manipulations which reduce pain and increase the motion in the affected regions or joints.  Stopping and slowing down the progression of the condition is the ultimate goal. Relieving and reducing the pain, as well as  increasing the motion in your body, are our goals for the best positive response.






A Pregnant woman needs to have a healthy, flexible, balanced, and strong body in order to handle the full term of the pregnancy and the extra weight that she has to carry for almost nine months as the fetus gradually grows into a healthy baby.

Studies have shown that almost 70% of pregnant women suffer from back pain due to the extra weight. This causes stress to the spine and changes the spinal curvature.  Also, the hormonal change during pregnancy causes ligament laxity and postural stress in the pelvis and hips, which is another reason for low back pain. Both structural, emotional, and hormonal changes affect the spine and body function during this sensitive period in a woman's life.

If the structural change of the spine results in nerve irritation, this could cause sciatica. Because expecting mothers should avoid all drugs, chiropractic care provides an optimal solution to relieving pain.


Pregnant Women Need Chiropractic Care During and After Pregnancy:

Unique spinal adjustment, soft tissue therapy, and other natural care can be very helpful and a great way to maximize the body's function, minimize or diminish the muscle tension, and reduce both mental and physical stress off the pregnant woman.  Chiropractic care can help maintain a healthy pregnancy, control the balanced exercise-diet, and avoid premature contractions, fatigue, back pain, and sciatica problems all in order to deliver a full-term infant with an easy labor.


After delivery you should continue your Chiropractic care to restore the full mobility and function, alleviate postpartum depression, correct your spinal misalignment, and boost your energy and immune system.  

You also should know that newborns have been given chiropractic checkups and gentle care as well (if needed).

Have you ever considered how many times you use the word “Stress” to describe your daily routine? With responsibilities both at home and at work, it is not a surprise that most Americans are constantly “stressed” in an effort to keep up with their casual lives.

Unfortunately, stress is the number one cause of most mental and physical ailments, and causes emotional and physical dysfunction. In response to your stress, your muscles become overly tense, and over a period of time, this tension evolves into knots within your soft tissue. This severely interferes with proper blood circulation, nerve activities, and the normal motions/movements of your body. As a result, you’ll likely experience a variety of symptoms including fatigue, sleeplessness, upset stomach, night sweats, carb-cravings, brain fog, and appetite loss. It’s difficult to keep your body stress free, but it is critical that you do your best to control and reduce stress through the most natural means possible. Chiropractic care is one way to do just that!


What we can do for you:

Chiropractic doctors will provide you a treatment plan based on the findings of your initial exam including orthopedic and neurological tests which can help you discover the effects of stress on your body (muscles & joints).

Chiropractic care including spinal manipulation, modalities, proper exercises, relaxation techniques, and life-style changes can help you deal with your stress and regain your health.



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