Back Pain



A survey conducted by The American Chiropractic Association (ACA)  indicates that almost 70% of Americans are suffering from chronic back pain for five or more years. This is the most common condition among the patients who complain about minor to sever acute or chronic back pain.


Causes of back pain include:disc, arthritis, weak muscles and spine due to lack of proper exercises, poor posture, bad habits during regular activities, improper sleep positions, soft or un-supportive mattress, alcoholsmokingpregnancyobesity/excess weight, post-surgery recovery, repetitive micro injuries that result from lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying heavy objects, driving, long term sitting or standing, stress, chemical or hormonal imbalance, and side effects of most drugs and medications.


Also, sudden traumatic incidents like: Car Accidents, Sports Injuries, Slip & Fallare a few examples which cause spine misalignment and nerve interruption/irritation. 


What we can do for you:


Chiropractic care provides essential care for back problems. Three stages of care that we offer include, reliefcorrection and rehabilitation. Spinal adjustment and other therapies provided alongside chiropractic care include therapeutic hydro massage, traction, neuro-muscular stimulation and re-education, trigger point therapy, proper exercises, and ultrasound.



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