Neck Pain



Neck pain is one of the most common sources of pain people suffer from. Neck pain, stiffness, achy muscle, limited motion, and other restrictions can happen gradually or suddenly. Micro trauma results from improper posture, bad sleeping habits, and repetitive motions or positions on a daily basis. Macro trauma occurs from sudden movements like car accidents (whiplash), slips and falls, sports injuries and more. Repetitive injuries are caused by the muscles and ligaments being over-used. Sudden movements of the joints and ligaments due to sudden impact are the most damaging to the surrounding and underlying structures of the neck.  Other chronic diseases including degenerative joint, disc, and arthritis cause pain and stiffness. 


One of the most effective ways to treat neck pain is neck adjustments in order to avoid nerve irritation and allow smooth nerve flow from your brain to the rest of your bodyOther therapies combine soft tissue treatments such as trigger point therapymuscle stimulationtraction, and much more depending on the patient’s condition.

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